Counterfeit Alert

Incident: Counterfeit Alert

Location: City of Hallsville

Date: November 5, 2010

Case No. 2010-0410, 2010-0411

The Hallsville Police Department wants to warn area businesses about counterfeit money.

The Hallsville Police Department has taken several reports this week from local businesses that have taken counterfeit money. The counterfeit bills have been $20.00 bills.

Merchants can purchase counterfeit pens to help detect these bills. However, in some cases, real bills are bleached and used to make bills of higher denominations. These bills will “pass” the pen test. It is important for merchants to be aware of all the security features in bills of different denominations.

In anyone has any information about these crimes, they should contact the Hallsville Police Department.

Release Date & Time:              November 5, 2010 @ 1500 hours

Release authorized by:          Chief Tony Fields